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Improving disability benefit assessments should be in every election manifesto

Despite record high employment, there are 1.4 million disabled people who want to work but currently aren’t in a job. Disabled people and those with long-term health conditions are also twice as likely as non-disabled people to move out of work.

A recent government Green Paper consultation looked at how to narrow the gap in employment outcomes between disabled people and non-disabled people — known as the disability employment gap. Responses to this Green Paper were still being analysed when the snap election was called. It is vitally important that the next government picks up the baton. Scope analysis shows that a five percentage point rise in the employment rate among disabled people would bring an increase in GDP of £23 billion and gains to the Exchequer of £6 billion by 2030. All parties should commit to halving the disability employment gap, in line with the ambitious aims of the Green Paper.

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