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Citizens Advice Cheshire West is a charity created to serve the local community, providing advice and information on a wide range of subjects and we deal with over 10,000 clients each year. Our Governing Body is a Board consisting of Trustees who provide strategic vision, independent judgement and a willingness to give time and commitment to being a trustee.

Trustees play an essential role in ensuring that the charity runs smoothly and make sure that:

  • The advice services we offer are high quality
  • Our clients’ experiences are used to campaign for changes in policies or services locally and nationally
  • Resources are secured to meet current and new demands and that all funds are used responsibly, and
  • Recruitment and selection processes for staff and volunteers are fair and we are representative of the local community
  • Training and support are available for staff and volunteers
  • Local partner organisations and funders are aware of the charity and its services

For more details about Citizens Advice Trustees, visit our national site.